Can You Get Rid of Toxins in 21 Days?

I’m toxic! What now?

The good news is that our bodies will excrete most of these toxic additives if given the opportunity. Since many of us don’t take a break from our regular diets for long enough to allow this to happen, it rarely does. Instead toxins are back-logged and stored in our fat tissue or metabolized into toxic intermediates which generate damaging free radicals. The 21 Day Detox is just the break your body needs to release the toxic build up.

21 Days to Clean

It’s the journey, not the destination. It took me years to get to where I am today, and I’m still not perfect (and I’m not trying to be!). I’m trying to make informed, healthful choices whenever possible and to enjoy my “vices”, too.

The 21 Day Detox is my reset and reminder to choose healthy foods most of the time and to always strive to do my best within reason. Whether you’re just starting out, are halfway there, or need to refocus on healthy habits, I hope it can help you, too.

You Can Feel Well Again

I often hear people say, “I thought I was experiencing normal signs of aging.” Then they take one of my classes and complete the 21 Day Detox, and their aches and pains disappear. If you’re ready to feel as well as you deserve, perhaps the best you’ve felt in decades, this plan is for you. I’ve led thousands of people through this program and witnessed many wonderful health transformations.

It’s a Multi-Level Detox and Food Allergy Elimination Diet

The plan detoxifies while removing the most common food allergens and identifying which foods may be inhibiting your ability to heal. The clean diet and supplement support help the body to detoxify. There isn’t any hunger, fasting, or extra bathroom visits. There is only real food and lots of it for 21 days. Your shopping cart, your cupboards, your plate, and ultimately, your body will be clean, and your health will be reinvigorated. It’s not a detour, it’s a new path to better health.

Why This Detox and Not Others?

First, it’s led by me, a naturopathic doctor trained at one of the leading schools for natural medicine in the country. Naturopaths are thoroughly trained in nutrition, environmental medicine, and herbal medicine (for more information about the training, go to or Naturopaths emphasize optimizing digestion, overall gastrointestinal health, and detoxification. This isn’t something I learned after graduate school. It’s a fundamental part of the training. I completed a version of this cleanse myself for the first time while in school in 1998!

Second, you’re eating! And you’re eating as much as you want. That’s very good news.

Why is it better to be eating? Isn’t fasting important?

If you do a juice fast, the master cleanse, or a water fast, you’ll most likely feel better by the end. You may even seem to get good results in less time. Sounds good, right?

Not if your time really is valuable. You’re not doing this just to feel good now, you’re doing it to feel good later, too. Remember, you’re on a new road, not the same road just repaved.