How To Subtract Food Additives From Your Diet

Too Much of Anything is No Good

The majority of food additives in the foods we buy every day have no solid scientific studies to prove their safety. We’re told that we don’t have to worry because those additives are only in the foods we eat in such small amounts – less than 1-2%. What we don’t know is the long -term, cumulative, or combined effect of consuming these chemicals in any amount.

How Many Chemicals Do You Eat a Day?

If you’re like many Americans, your daily diet diary may look like this:

Breakfast: Kellogg’s Special K Fruit and Yogurt cereal with skim milk

Snack: Dannon Light and Fit Cherry Vanilla yogurt

Lunch: Ham and American cheese sandwich on Orowheat 10 Grain Bread

This seemingly harmless meal plan adds up to over 40 food additives before afternoon, and that’s assuming the person didn’t drink anything but water. Throw a diet coke or a flavored coffee into the mix and he or she will easily be at over 50 chemicals by mid-day.

Keep Eating Simple to Limit Food Additives

If the ingredient list on the foods you eat reads like a vocabulary test, skip those foods. Choose foods with a list of words you recognize and can pronounce.

Since some chemical additives are more harmful than others, you can go to for a full list of which food additives to avoid and which ones are safer to use. For the purposes of the detox, we’re going to avoid as many food additives as possible. There aren’t any food additives in whole, unprocessed foods!