Frequently Asked Questions

I have a job where I can’t be in the bathroom all day. Will my bowel movements be increased? Will I have diarrhea?

No and No! Even with the recommended addition of baobab fiber, bowel movements will still be in the normal range of 1-3 a day.  The quality of the movement will be soft and formed.  It is essential to have at least one healthy bowel movement a day while detoxing.  Remember to stay hydrated!

Is there enough to eat?

There are many allowed foods and delicious recipes to choose from and they may be eaten in whatever quantity you desire.  With some planning and a well  stocked fridge and pantry, you’ll find that there is a lot of flavor and variety in the plan.

Do I have to cook all of my meals and spend lots of time chopping and preparing food?

This is a personal preference.  If you enjoy cooking, you’ll like the recipes provided on this detox and experimenting with new foods and recipe ideas.  If you don’t have the time or interest in cooking, you can keep the plan simple by focusing on prepared foods (read ingredient lists!), whole fruits and vegetables, salads, hummus and bean dips, salsas, guacamole, beans, and nuts and nut butters.

What about my medications?

Do not stop any prescription medication that you are currently taking unless advised by the prescribing physician.  If you are taking any prescription medications or if you have a medical condition, ask your medical doctor or health care practitioner before starting this detoxification program.  Talk to your doctor before starting this program if you have any health condition.  For full health disclaimer, click HERE.

I can’t live without coffee! Can I still do the detox?

Yes you can!  You’ll be surprised.  I feel the same way every single time I start, but caffeinated green tea is allowed and is a wonderful alternative.   Once you get into the ritual of drinking tea, you’ll feel more balanced and energized.  Green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that contributes to a feeling of calm, while at the same time energizing you.

To ease the transition, before beginning, consider weaning off coffee.

Here’s a simple plan you can follow:

Decrease coffee by ¼ cup each day.  Either drink less (16 oz to 12 oz to 8 oz, etc) or replace the caffeinated coffee with decaffeinated coffee by ¼ cup.  Do this until you are either not drinking coffee or you are drinking fully decaffeinated coffee.  If weaning off of soda or energy drinks, decrease by ½ can or bottle every other day.  You will need to discontinue the decaffeinated coffee at the start of the 21 days.

Will nutrients be pulled out with the toxins?

As part of the body’s normal function, most water-soluble nutrients that are not utilized are excreted daily in the urine and stool.  Only fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) and some minerals such as iron are stored for later use.  The Liver Detox Support will not “pull out” nutrients or increase this normal excretion process, but it will enhance the liver’s detoxification function.  This enhanced function will require a regular supply of amino acids from protein, and vitamins and minerals from food to optimize liver function.  During a nutritional cleanse (one where food is allowed, and no fasting is involved), a focus on a chemical free, nutrient rich diet is important to further supply these required nutrients that support the liver’s detoxification ability.  The body needs optimum nourishment to enhance the detoxification process (which is why water fasting is not recommended), including organic animal and vegetarian proteins, organic fruits and vegetables including sea vegetables, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats such as coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Will I feel well enough to work?

Most people do experience some signs and symptoms of detoxification including those listed in the side effects section.  Although these side effects usually resolve within three days, they can be uncomfortable.  It is rare for someone to have to skip work due to discomfort.  Often it is recommended to start a new detoxification program on a weekend when there is more time for self-care and rest.  And remember, for most people the positive effects come after the first week, when it is common not only to feel well enough to work, but to fully enjoy all of one’s daily activities.

Can I exercise at my regular intensity?

Yes!  If you feel well enough to exercise and you’ve already been exercising, you can keep it up.  Sweating releases toxins through the skin, and the deeper breathing helps release toxins through the lungs.  The overall enhanced circulation and lymphatic flow also aid in moving toxins out.  Consider walking, running, cycling, and salt water swimming according to your fitness level as part of the detoxification regimen.  Hot yoga is especially detoxifying, and a wonderful complement to this program.


I have social plans that can’t be changed. Can I eat out?

It’s difficult for many people to find three weeks without a holiday or birthday to celebrate or a previous engagement that can’t be skipped.  Try your best to stick to the diet while enjoying your plans.  This cleanse is designed to work optimally if the diet and supplement plan are closely followed.  Check the menu in advance or talk to the waiter about finding a meal that works on the diet.  Usually fish, greens, and a salad are a good option.   Skip the alcohol, and drink sparkling water with lemon or lime instead.  For dessert, have a cup of mint tea and enjoy the company, the conscious choice to not overindulge, and the commitment to this investment in yourself.

If you absolutely must cheat, pick one food to add in and then remove it again at the next meal.  The foods must be removed for two weeks to identify a food sensitivity.  If necessary, the diet portion of the detox can be extended to ensure that a food is removed for at least 14 days before officially adding it back.  For example, if you have some dairy (consciously or inadvertently), you will remove dairy for the required number of extra days before testing it as described in the food challenge section below.


What if I cheat?

Just forgive yourself and keep going.  It happens, and as long as you get back on track, you will do fine.  You will have to extend the diet portion at the end of the detox before challenging foods, but with patience and commitment you’ll still get results.   


Can I travel while completing the 21 Day Detox?

If it can’t be avoided, it can be done.  You can repackage your supplements to have the supply you need for the days you will be away.  Some people choose to bring food with them as well, especially snacks.  It will depend on the circumstances of your travel and your own flexibility, but with proper planning, the detox can be done anywhere.


I don’t want to lose weight. What do you recommend?

I’ve found that if you have weight to lose, you’ll lose weight.  Otherwise, you may see a pound or two of weight loss, but not much more.  As long as you’re eating lots of high quality food often, your weight loss should be minimal.  Focus on nuts, fruits, and avocados, coconut and coconut milk, and don’t skip meals.  Add protein powder, nut butters, and avocados (maybe not at the same time!) to your smoothies, and snack on nuts, nut butters, and seeds.


I do want to lose weight. Will I?

Weight loss is common on the 21 Day Detox and ranges from 3-10 pounds with some people losing less and some losing more.  Underlying food sensitivities (and it’s not just gluten!) can lead to weight gain. Uncovering these foods can free a bogged down and inflamed digestive system and help with weight loss.  For those who have a food sensitivity, weight loss may be more pronounced.  Our bodies are all unique and genetics, monthly hormone fluctuations, and metabolic variations all contribute to our own healthy weight.


I didn’t lose any weight!! Why not?

Some people are disappointed if they don’t lose 10 or more pounds in three weeks.  Remember, there is a range, and losing 1-3 pounds is very normal, and a great start.  It is uncommon to not lose any weight during the three weeks, but if this does occur, the weight loss may still come during the food challenge phase.  For some people it just takes longer to respond to the change in diet and lifestyle.  Sticking with new healthy habits and slowly replacing less nourishing foods with more nourishing ones will keep you on a path toward your healthiest weight.  Remember, this is a new road you’re traveling down, not just a detour.  If lasting, healthful changes to diet are made, the weight loss will continue slowly over time.   For now, focus on the other positive results and try to remind yourself that the number on the scale isn’t always the best indication of your health and vitality.


Can children complete this detox?

No.  The 21 Day Detox is designed for adults 18 and over.  It is not recommended for children.   My kids love some of the detox recipes, though, and hopefully yours will, too.  The detox experience is a great way to introduce new foods to the whole family.